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Induction Program

For Students Of Architecture 2023-2024

Five-Years Journey into Architectural Excellence

JSSIAP offers a Bachelors of Architecture. The B.Arch course which is spread over a period of five years is divided into 10 semesters. Throughout the five-year duration of the program, students embark on a transformative journey that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical experience. At JSSIAP we shape students to become visionaries of tomorrow.

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Overview of the B.Arch Program Semester Curriculum

Discover what each semester holds in our B.Arch Program with the Overview of the Semester Curriculum.











Download Program Syllabus, Curriculum Guides, Schemes

Exciting Opportunties At JSSIAP

Seminars & Workshops

Each Semester we will be hosting Live/ Online Talk Sessions from a very well-reputed distinguished Architect, which will help broaded the horizon of the students and introduce them to new/ real world opportunities. These sessions are not just about learning; they’re about opening doors to new possibilities.

Study Tours, Unique Experiential Learning in B.Arch Curriculum

We believe in learning by doing, and that’s why we’ve integrated short and long tours into our curriculum. These are not just trips they’re educational experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom setting.

JSSIAP code of conduct

1-Students are expected to be cooperative and helpful to each other.

2-Any kind of physical or verbal aggression will be shown zero tolerance.

3-Students must be punctual and regular in attending classes, tutorials ,class tests , examinations etc. failure to obtain the required attendance %, non submission of assignment and unjustified absence in test will be treated as breaching the code of conduct.

4-Maintaining a positive climate for learning is the responsibility of each student.

5-Students must be seated in the class room before beginning of each period. They must not enter or leave the class room without the permission of the lecturer.

6-Use of mobile phones is prohibited in the class room.

1-All submissions are to be submitted on the scheduled day & time as communicated by the respective subject coordinator.

2-If the student fails to submit their academic work as per scheduled date then it will be marked late and the marks shall be deducted as per college marking policy.

3-In case the student fails to appear for the class tests / time bound assignments conducted he/she may lose complete marks for the test. 

1-Attendance and Academic progress review of the defaulter students is communicated to the Parents in fourth, eighth and twelfth week.

2-Parents will have to meet the respective Year coordinators for remedial measures if any.

3-Percentage of attendance will be considered for final marking.

4-Parents should acknowledge the receipt of the report.

5-College retains the right to document the academic work done by the students.

6-Parents are expected to attend the parent teachers meeting as per the communication by the college.

7-Students coming in late for the class will not be allowed and will be marked as absent, for what so ever reason may be.

8-No sitting on the parapet wall.

9-No bursting of crackers/anything equivalent in the campus

1-The students are expected to work in the studios and finish their assignments during the studio hours.

2-The faculty sign on studio work sheets or report is mandatory.

3-Student is expected to carry all drafting equipment & necessary stationery, as their responsibility.

4-During all studio classes (e.g. DESIGN, MMBC and ADG) attendance will be counted from beginning to the end of the studio hours.

5-Each portfolio, journal, file must bear the name, year, roll no, exam no, date/ Academic session & subject name, and must be submitted in the specified format intimated by the respective subject coordinators.

1-Submissions will happen on the specified time and date. Late submissions not allowed.

2-Submission register will be maintained by the in charge.

3-Valuation of the submissions should be done with 2 weeks of the date of submission.

4-The student’s should take back the sheets within 2 days from the date of valuation. 

5-Sheets and models cannot be left unattended and it is not the responsibility of the college of any mishandling of the same.

6-Submission room key will only be with the in charge and in no case handed over to the students.

7-Valuation of late submission will be done for 80%only that too only if the faculty wants to valuate only after discussing with the principal,

1-The institute conducts site visits from time to time which are compulsory for all the students and attendance for the visit shall be strictly monitored.

2-It is mandatory for all parents to Sign and submit the Undertaking form for all Study tours/site visits.

3-Students are expected to carry all relevant drawings / data, stationery, equipment etc to the site as per the orientation lecture given by concerned faculty.

4-Students are expected to do self study of the subject, before the site visit and submit a site visit report for the same.

5-Transport arrangement for the visit is entirely the student’s responsibility. The institute /faculty may help as & when required the college will not be responsible for any mishap.

6-Before going for any case study it is mandatory for the students to inform the class tutor.

1-Settlement study tours for respective years are conducted from time to time and are compulsory for all the students.

2-Each study tour is formulated in advance and is related to the academic curriculum of respective year. Studies conducted during the tours are to be submitted as a comprehensive study tour report which is assessed as a part of Session work.

3-Each study tour will be accompanied by faculty member / members of the related subject, and will help & guide the students in conducting the studies & preparation of the tour report.

4-Students must carry all relevant drawings / data, stationery, equipment etc. for the study tour as per the orientation lecture given by the concerned faculty member / members about the topic, content, purpose of the study tour.

5-Students with any medical problems should travel at their own risk and submit consent letter from parents in the office.

1-Faculty members will notify the students of their expectations regarding studio conduct, attendance, testing and grading.

2-Not adhering to the dress code (Male students: long hair, faded jeans, skin hugging clothing, T-shirts, Bermudas, short pants, Bathroom slippers, Track suit lowers, Different color hair dyes, multi coloured apparels, Visible tattoos, ear studs, etc., are not permitted).

3-All students will wear shoes.

4-Female students are requested to wear descent attire (No dark lipstick, fancy eyeliners, makeup, No crop tops, etc).

5-Bathroom slippers are not permitted.

6-No tight fitting clothes are allowed.

7-The students are instructed not to go on the 1st floor or construction sites without permission to avoid any kind of miss-happenings.

Mandatory read for parents/guardians

Expectations From Parents/ Guardians

1-Parents/ Guardians are expected to concentrate on the health of their child/ ward, as this a course will require a lot of hard work and dedication from the students.

2-Students may have to stay longer in college for completion of academic/ NASA/ other related works.

3-Students will have group projects due to which they might have to spend some time at their piers’ accomodation/ house.

4-Students will be required to work through the night (at times), which a very common practice in our profession. So request all parents/ guardians to not worry about their sleep schedule and only make sure that the students get emotional and mental support to carryout their works.

We appreciate your understanding of these expectations and the vital role you play in your child's academic and professional journey. Together, we can ensure their holistic development and success.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Sincerely, [Jss institute Of Architecture & Planning]

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